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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do you source your products?

All our products are exclusively sourced from Africa. We take pride in bringing authentic flavors from the continent, focusing on products that are as natural as possible. Our products are sustainably sourced and free of any additives or unnecessary ingredients. 

  • What is the shelf life of your product?

Our products have a 24 months shelf life.

  • Are your salts gluten free? 

Spices in general and salts in particular are gluten free. 

  • Do your salts have iodine added to them? 

No, our salts are packed in their naturally harvested state and do not have iodine added to them as common table salts would.

  • Are your packaging environmentally friendly? 

We are very intentional with our packaging, working with partners that develop eco-friendly material for the tubes. Our salts come packed in glass jars, with acacia wood lids, which we have designed to be reused. 

  • Do you have some recommendations on how to use your spices? 

Absolutely. Our in-house chef, Kudzai, has concocted a series of cocktails and food recipes to illustrate how to use our salts. The recipes can be found on our gastronomy page. 

Additionally, check out our salts pairing guides for more ideas on how you can get the most out of your salts. 

  • Why does my salt clump?

We thrive to bring you products that are as close to their natural state as possible, which means that all our products are free of any caking agents, or preservatives. As a result, the salt will naturally clump. This is not a cause for concern. 

    • What does “pre-order” mean?

    Per-order means placing an order on our products before they become available in exchange for exclusive access and discounts. That also means that the products will be shipped to you at a later date. We anticipate that all shipments should arrive by end of August 2023. 

    Upon order, you will receive an estimate of when you can expect your order along with regular updates.

    • Do you ship internationally?

    At this time, we can only accept order in the United States via our online store. For international orders, please contact us directly and we will make arrangements (as possible) to have you enjoying our salts sooner! 

      • Are returns allowed?
      Our customers satisfaction is paramount to us. As such, returns are allowed within a 30 days period. Please note that we can only accept order that are unopened, unused and still in their original package. You can send us an email at and we will provide instructions on how to send us your package back. All returns follow our return policy.
      • Refund policy

      Our return policy can be found here

      • Are exchanges allowed?

      Due to the sensitivity of our products and the safety of our customers, exchanges are not allowed on our products. 

      Order issues
      • I haven’t received my order yet or received the wrong item, what do I do?

      In the event of missing or inaccurate orders, send us an email at and we will provide next steps instructions as soon as possible. 

      • My order arrived damaged, what do I do?

      If you noticed that your order has arrived damaged, send us an email at and we will provide next steps instructions as soon as possible.